Finally, after years of putting it off, I finally, finally rented Mononoke Hime….. AWESOME movie….. absolutely fantastic. Now I have to buy it. And the soundtrack. Stop spending money, faery!!!

Trivia question: what sends Jen-kun (or Fatale-kun, as some have called her; that would be a contraction of Faery Tale-kun) into uncontrollable spasms of school-girlish giggling?

So, ano hito wa driving me crazy, but this faery will get over it. Zettai, zettai.

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow….. I hate 5:00-16:00 days. Next week I have two days off, one of them paid even though the store’s closed!!!

This faery no baka….. she just started another fanfiction. The more, the merrier, I guess…. but will any of them be finished this century?

Maybe honesty and openness is overrated. Maybe stupid social courtship games really are good things.

OK, I’m starting to talk about the same thing in more than one paragraph. This is supposed to be rambling.

So, still no Chapel. Vash got totally naked on this latest DVD, though. 23-24……… 23-24……… I’ll get there someday. Wait for me, Hirotaka-sama……..