I have to tell about my day. So I’m scheduled 11:00 to 20:00 PM, managing mostly during the latter half and expecting a fairly decent day. Sure, I know my sister can’t come in for her 16:00 – Close shift, but I figure we’ll be OK. I’d forgotten that the other 16:00’er got fired for sexual harassment, and didn’t realize that the 14:00’er quit yesterday. So I called some people. Got one person to come in and cover the 14:00 – Close who quit, but couldn’t find anyone else. Called the other stores; nobody. So at 15:00 we went down to one-booth drive-thru. This means that one person (namely myself) is taking orders and putting them together, a two-to-four-person task. *grumbles* But we’re doing OK since we’re not too busy, even if I am running around like a chicken et al trying to get orders together and not likely to get my legally required breaks (not that this is anything new). There’s this guy there that I’ve had a crush on for years now, and I only get to see him on Fridays and Saturdays since those are the only days he works. So that’s a definite plus.

Aaaaanyway, the day drags on as slowly as any day I’ve ever worked, and I’m getting tired and annoyed at being there, and we can’t even listen to music since my dad came in at four-ish and stole my car in order to look at the brakes (the CD player being in the car along with the CD’s). Then at 18:00, the next manager shows up — which is a relief since that gives us enough people to get me a break.

So at this point Mr. Crush comes up to me and says, “So what are you doing tonight?” I reply, “It looks like I’ll have to close with Mendy, since she’s only got Jacob after 7:00 and this is his first night back at the store for seven months.” And he shrugs and says, “Oh, that’s too bad…. I was going to see if you wanted to do something with me tonight.”

K U S O . . . .

So I just say something like, “Why’d you have to say that now, after I’ve already decided to stay and close!?!” and go back into the back and kick the wall real hard with my steel-toed boots. And eventually Mr. Crush leaves when he’s supposed to, and I smile and say, “Bye!” ……. and stay on for another 5 hours to close the store, resulting eventually in a 14-hour shift that was literally my entire day.

How’s that for luck, eh?

So now I’m going to read some nice lemony Sano-Saitou fanfic, then go downstairs and write some, and go to bed.