“Once upon a time I found a Jeany and wished for some genes that will make me ReALLY handsome. He goofed up. The Jeany thought I ment JEANS, not GENES. And he made them too small, anyway. But I made the best of things, I sold them for $300. With that I bought a hen that laid GOLDEN eggs. Soon afterward, my parents cut it open. I hate easop fables.

Soon afterwards, I went back to the Jeany and told about my misfortune. The Jeany Gave me another wish. I wished for a new cut-out jean swim suit. He gave me a pink Girls swim suit with flowers. Then I explained that I wanted a boys swim suit WITHOUT flowers. The Jeany Gave me a boys swimming suit as I wanted, but the had Barbie on them! I explained AGAIN then wished that he’d GO AWAY! He got that one right!”