So I’ve always heard all this about Hayashibara Megumi, this and that and the other thing and how good she is…. and I no real idea who she was. My general thought was, “someone who did something in something I haven’t seen…..” You know, I associated her with Ranma and Evangelion, two shows I haven’t seen yet, and figured those were her major claims to fame……….. Baka! I had no idea just how much anime she was in……. that I own! Just in my own small collection she had major parts in Cowboy Bebop, Nazca, Sailormoon S the Movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love! and Queen Emeraldas!!! How could I have been so dense???? And after I’d commented a hundred times that Faye’s voice was the most awesome female seiyuu I’d ever heard besides Suzukaze Mayo!!!! I feel like such a loser…….

Well, Hayashibara-sama, I’m now your devoted fan who sincerely hopes she can make up for neglecting you for so long………….