I want Draco. Baaaad. After I saw the movie again last night I even had a dream about hot eleven-year-olds who were actually fourteen. Man, that kid’s going to be SOOOOO hot when he gets a bit older. Not that he isn’t now or anything. After much deliberation, I decided: Ravenclaw. Most likely. Slytherin, maybe, though. And a Beater on the Quidditch team, whichever house.

Squee is in love with Snape. She’s writing a fanfiction about him and a fourth-year student getting it on! You have no idea how strange that is, so let me tell you: I have a hard time getting her to write her own damn name, she hates writing so much…. and here she’s like fourteen pages into a fanfiction!!!!! This is awesome! Then she made a JPG that says “Sevurusu” in Katakana surrounded by roses, and set it as the Windows wallpaper, tiled. So…….. I still haven’t asked her how, exactly, this fourth-year student manages to stay enrolled after Dumbledore finds out; maybe I can get her to post this story when she’s done with it. Not that I think it’s likely she’ll finish it.

So here are my results from the latest LiveJournal everyone’s-taking-it:

You’re Lulu. You seem a little insensitive to those who don’t know you very well, due to your cynical nature. Your mind is always thinking of things, big and small. You have a tough time of letting go of the past. You also like to bash people with plushies for fun and then fry them up with some tasty magic~! XD
Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take the test.

Speaking of FF, which game I’ve never played, I bought the soundtrack to the movie last night because it has a L’Arc~en~Ciel song on it. Am I obsessed? A bit, I’d say. But any hot half-blonde Japanese guy who can hit those gorgeous high notes and whose group (almost equally hot, I may add) did not one but two songs for Rurouni Kenshin deserves to be idolized.

I got a new haircut, and it’s really cute, but it will look better when it’s grown out just a tad. I also dyed part of it red, which looks really cool. Good job on me. But a guy I work with, whose English isn’t so good (very cute, the way he talks, actually) told me (and I’m not making this up! This is a direct quote!) “This color me no likey for you. Is black good for you.” My hair’s never been black, so go figure.

I updated my website again today. My fanfic collection is growing slowly but surely. Soon I will have every S+S story (that I like) on the web on my page, and people who are searching will be able to read them all at once — it will be so convenient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job on me.

I don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m glad about that. I like making money, but my schedule demands that I work at 5AM every day, which does tend to make me tired sometimes. Also, we have this new set of sales where a different sandwich is 99 cents each weekday, which means that every day there is a psycho rush for something. Mondays (Big Macs) and Thursdays (6-piece nuggets) are the worst.

Man, I wish the Elfwood Extranet would go back up……… I’m pining to update my galleries. There are a couple of pictures that just embarass me to death whenever I look at them; how I wish I could take them down! But no, no, no, people have to go and have real lives along with their non-profit online endeavours. How does that work? *rolleyes*

I’m being a bit ramblish tonight, ne? Too bad for whatever fool ploughs through all this. The thing is, I was reading HP aloud to my sister and she had to leave. She won’t be back until nine, and I shouldn’t read ahead without her (this is the first time through the series for both of us; we’re in the middle of the third book) So I’m up here trying to keep myself occupied for a bit before I go downstairs and scan stuff.

Scan stuff! I started my scribblecom today! It’s a comic strip I’m writing that I’ve been meaning to start for a long time! It’ll be up on my website, and maybe someone will read it — comic strips are, after all, easier and quicker to read than stories, so it’s entirely possible I’ll get some feedback! Awesome thought! I’m a terrible artist when I think stuff up out of my own head, but I ascribe that to “style” and people tend to forgive me, so I get over it. And I’ve already come up with some truly classic facial expressions. It’s really cool so far. It’s called E.P.I.C., and though I haven’t yet gotten into the premise of the main storyline, it’s a good premise. OK, stop talking about this, please.

So, who wants to go see HP with me again tomorrow? I think I’ll head out for a matinee, since I probably can’t afford an evening showing (isn’t that pathetic?)

I shaved my moustache off. What a weird feeling it is to have a smooth lip, and to look in the mirror and have my face be all pale there. I’m going to let it come back and never shave it again.

If I died at school, I think I would definitely haunt a toilet. Wouldn’t you?

Well, this entry got really long, really inane, and really pointless, didn’t it? Maybe I should stop…….