Last night at 10:50, two gunmen entered my restaurant. They made the two crewmembers present go into the walk-in refrigerator, then demanded of the manager his cell phone and wallet, and that he open the safe and the drawers for them. He didn’t have his cell with him, fortunately, but he had to hand over his wallet and do as they said. They took all the money out of the safe (as well as most of the voided gift certificates; go figure) and all the bills from the drawers. Then they had the manager go into the walk-in while they (again go figure) vandalized the office — just the office, nothing else in the store, then left. So the three guys sat around in the walk-in for a while, smoking, and eventually came out when the police arrived. The police arrived because someone had started to come into the store just as the whole thing was starting (an ex-employee, actually!) and, seeing the manager with a gun to his head, had run off to Safeway to call the police. This happened a year and ten days after our previous armed robbery, although this time they got half as much money as the last guy did and this time we have the whole thing on tape. I was present neither time, although last night my sister (who also works there) got off and left 5 minutes before the robbers came in. Freaky, ne?