So, consider your personality (not your online persona or whatever, but your own actual personality) and answer these questions as best you can, for fun since there aren’t any statistical results:

If you were an anime character, would you…….

1. Have
A) Shoujo eyes?
B) Shounen eyes (no, that’s NOT the same as shounen-ai!)?

*I’d definitely have Shounen eyes (AND shounen-ai, depending on circumstances) — thin, functional, yet beautiful.

2. Have unnaturally colored and/or gravity-defying hair?

*I’d keep my black-and-red skater cut, but I think I’d make it a bit fluffier.

3. Be unnaturally proportioned in any way (besides possibly the size of your eyes)?

*Oh, yeah…. I’d be a big, bouncing babe… but only when I wanted to look like a girl.

4. Be
A) A Magical Girl/Guy?
B) A Mecha Pilot?
C) A Warrior (i.e. Samurai or Ninja)?
D) A Gun(wo)man?
E) A Guy/Girl-Next-Door?

*I’m thinking either B or D

5. Be
A) A Good Guy?
B) A Bad Guy?
C) On your own side?

*C — I’m always on my own side.

6. Randomly speak in English?

*Of course! I randomly speak in other languages IRL, don’t I?


7. What would be your image song (lyrical)?

*Senshi no Omoi

8. What would be your theme music (score)?

*Well, since I dare not say I’m cool enough to claim Hoeru Miburo, I’ll settle for Scattered Rain.

9. What anime would you cross-over with in order to get with one of the characters, and who would it be?

*Well, that’s a dumb question….. but in case anyone who doesn’t know me is reading this, I’ll answer for their sake: that would be Rurouni Kenshin in order to jump all over Saitou Hajime.