You would be scared if you knew how much I’ve skipped this semester so far. The only class I’m taking seriously is Japanese. BAD ME. But since I’m writing the most awesome fanfic perhaps of my S+S fanfic career, I’m forgiving myself. Seriously, this story is REALLY NICE. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice. I die laughing just editing it, and it’s not even done yet! I’m so cool… Good job, faery.

Know what I wonder? Why do I do the all-caps thing instead of just using italics, which look better? Probably because I have nothing real to say, ne.

OK, why is my eye still twitching? My lower eyelid of my left eye has been twitching for eight days now. It’s starting to make me crazy, and pretty soon I’ll go evil and kill everyone in the computer lab. Oh, wait, I’m already evil (that reminds me of a line in my awesome fanfic!!!) OK, I’ll just go all psychotic and violent. Bad.

I’ve had this fixation with the Cruciatous Curse lately…. just wondering what it feels like. I’m such a pathetic masochist. Bad me. Ooh, I like the sound of that. Bad me! Bad me! (LOL)

And bad me is once again looking at random Elfwood fanarts. Get a freakin’ life, faery.

Waaagh, Lydie-chan just got up and left!!! Now I feel all lonely!!!!! It was pretty funny, actually — Lydie-chan got up and left, and the whole room started milling about like an anthill. Spazz city! Dunno why. I feel all paranoid with everyone moving around like this…. Stop! Stop! Stop! Sit down or get out!

Ah, my right shoulderblade area-ish hurts so bad! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do mouse-art again!!! THAT REALLY SUCKS.

LOL…. it cracks me up when people on Elfwood “do the first comment dance” and then their only comment is something like, “You spelled his name wrong” or something.

Well, better get back to work on my fanfic and stop with the dumb updating of LJ.