How cool is that? The funny thing is, I’m skipping at school, they’re skipping elsewhere. I was going to go in at 7:00ish at around breaktime, but if neither of my dachi are there I’m not showing up, no way! I’ll just stick around here in the computer lab all night and work on my awesome story. No, it’s not done yet… it’s really long, after all. And AWESOME! Ah, how I love the computer lab…. I can update my site in peace and work on my lemon fics without worrying about being interrupted!

Jeden Tag sing ich dieses Lied für dich! …… sad!!!

Ah, arena combat! How fun it is to kick someone’s buttocks when I’m allowed to, and get cheered by at least half the audience! It’s too bad they spent too-much-yet-not-enough time on the arena in QfG5….. it should have had some more nice details in it, yet they made fighting in general too big a part of the game.

I love FFRPG. I love bad puns. I hate seeing gorgeous chicks at school and not knowing but just assuming they’re straight. I hate it when a room’s too hot (the gorgeous chick might have had something to do with that), but I hate it worse when a room’s too cold. This computer lab is too hot. I love this song that I’m listening to. Wow, I love any kind of RPG! Wish I could get my hands on some D&D-type, though. Ah, I love this song too! (This is what happens when I have an “Update Journal” window open for hours while I’m doing other things online and elsewhere.) I wonder if anything new’s happened at all my message boards since I posted an hour ago…. think I’ll go check.

OK, it’s getting annoying having all these windows open. It makes me nervous. So I’ll end this stupid post and close it!!!