Shimatta, I already took three tests and put the results in here, but then for some reason it erased all my text! Soooooo, I’ll do them all again. *growls*

Anyway, the reason this is destined to be a long entry is because I’m downloading RK manga in the other screen so I have nothing to do. But my life is good because I have a lot of hot guys on my walls and in some CD booklets. One of them’s looking down his pants! Don’t ask……

Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She’s Crafty
Check it out! I always get the girls!

And isn’t everyone Ferengi? I’ve suspected this about myself for years, however, so I’m not surprised!

Which Chess Piece Are You?

So, I’m still not feeling very well…. My throat is dry in a painful sort of way, and I have this obnoxious cough. But since my Laruku has healing powers, I’ll get over it! Like a flower….. Also, I’m writing the most awesome SxS story! ……… Yes, still! Don’t look at me like that – it’s upward of 50 pages now! And it got more positive feedback in the first couple of days after posting (I posted it on Wednesday) than stuff usually ever does ever on any of my other boards. And it was just the first 5-page part! So I’m happy about that. It really is an awesome story.

Which My Little Pony Are You?

Ah, Niji. I just can’t get enough of this song, no matter how many times I hear it. Kinda like Towa no Minari and Ishin Shishi e no Requiem and, oh, Rurouni Kenshin in general. Of course, Niji also falls under the heading, “I just can’t get enough L’Arc~en~Ciel.” *shrugs* Nani mo! Nani mo! Nani mo! And then he does that sexy little chanting thing…. Ah……

You are Scooter!
You’re quiet, organized, and a bit put-upon. Though people don’t always pay attention to you, you try to keep a sunny attitude.

*ahems* I am so not organized!!!

Yay, RK manga for me!!!!! I love it so much! I’ve downloaded up to volume 10 or something, although I’ve read all the way through the end of Jinchuu.

I’m the 1979 Rankin/Bass animated Frodo!
Adorable, kind, depressed, and intense, I have big, sad eyes and too many theme songs.

OK, this is a somewhat disturbing quiz, the result even more so. Starts to sing…. Frodohhh of the nine fingers and the Ring of Dooooooooom…. Why does he have nine fingers? Where iiiiiiiiis thehhhhhhhh Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ohhhhhhhhhhhf Doooooooooooooooooom? Yes, I have watched all existing Tolkien films way too many times. Including having watched the recent live-action farce once.

My brother had anger issues. When he’s mad at the computer game he’s playing, he has a tendency to slam his fist into either the monitor or the desk and scream things like, “I’m going to kill you!” This is the reason he’s homeschooled…… LOL…… Not that I think it’s funny or anything……. No, not me……. Hmm, Lies and Trues. Supposed to be Lies and Truth, but you know how those Japs can’t get their mouths around the TH sound. Must suck.

I Will Take my own life!.
After going through with your own well thought out version of columbine you finally turn the gun on yourself… the thick coat of brains and coagulated blood was a bitch to get off the auditorium wall. You sure showed them!
Find out how you will die, Take the Death Quiz now!
This one’s not nearly as disturbing as the Frodo quiz, but it’s right up there with it. LOL, know I know my days are numbered!

Now he’s growling “Devil, I’m the red one! Dork! Idiot!” He keeps pounding on the desk and making my CD skip. I’m going to bite him soon, cause I can’t stand to hear breaks in Hyde’s singing.

What Sex Toy Are You?

And again, I get the same as Lydie-chan in a quiz! Yay for me! Wait, is that a yay or not?

I’m driving out to Greely tomorrow. Is that how it’s spelled? Anyway, I’m going there tomorrow with Pükster to look at UNC and for her to do an audition. Every time I mention Greely or UNC, no matter whom I’m talking to, they say, “Oh, there’s nothing out there.” Well, hopefully they have a McDonald’s.

Ah, this song is so cute! All these little kids or whatever singing the chorus! And Hyde-sama….. *swoons* I think I’d be one of those girls who throw their underwear on stage if I ever went to a concert of these guys. Which would not be pleasant for those around me. No, not at all…. Ah, Lester’s getting hooked up to something musical of his own; hopefully that’ll deter him from skipping my CD any more. It had freaking better.

Sarcastic FF X character selector

Ha, what an awesome quiz! Thanks, Sniper-chan!

LOL, reading Lydie-chan’s post about HT crashing, but not responding because there are already 10 comments. LOL. I was a bit annoyed, I must admit, but my lack of life is focused elsewhere online, elsewhere that did not crash, so I got over it.

Well, in the time I’ve spent LJing so far, I’ve downloaded at least 4 chapters, and that’s dece. It’s going to take me a while to get all of them, but I swear I’ll do it! Because I AM THE KENSHIN FAN. Neither Hell nor high water can keep me away from my Saitou-kun. Speaking of which, I got this calendar a couple of weeks ago…………. *swoons* It’s in the style of the new OAV, from which I hadn’t seen any images yet until I got this calendar. Saitou looks pretty well like he does in the first OAV (read: freaking awesome, hot enough so I can open my window in this stupid snowstorm we’re having), but it’s so cool to see modern characters in the OAV style. SANO…… oh, kamisama, Sano…….. *double swoons* Not that I’ll ever think he’s hotter than Saitou or anything, but……… oohh……… in this calendar (February-March), he’s SOOOOOOOO beautiful. When I imagine him visually, I see anime style Sano. When I imagine him in my stories, as I’m typing or whatever, I see OAV Sano. Oohhh, yeah…..

OK, Lester just turned his music waay up…. Evidently he was sick of hearing me sing along. Crossing oceans dry, deep inside your mind…

I’m looking up an RK quiz, cause I know one has to exist somewhere and the one I was making died when went spazzy. I’ll take any ones I find. Lessee…

$#@%ING JIGOKU YEAH!!! According to this one, my results are as follows: # 1 Shishio Makoto, # 2 Saitou Hajime, # 3 Yukishiro Enishi, # 4 Jin-e, # 5 Hiko Seijurou, # 6 Himura Kenshin, # 7 Myoujin Yahiko, # 8 Sagara Sanosuke, # 9 Shinomori Aoshi, and # 10 Seta Soujirou. Though I do find it disturbing to have Hiko so high on my list, at least Misao’s not on there! And check out the top two! Yeah, baby! As for this one, heh, my answers were # 1 Saitou Hajime, # 2 Shinomori Aoshi, # 3 Hiko Seijuro, # 4 Takani Megumi, # 5 Yukishiro Tomoe, # 6 Kamiya Kaoru, # 7 Makimachi Misao, # 8 Seta Soujiro, # 9 Himura Kenshin, # 10 Sagara Sanosuke, # 11 Shishio Makoto, # 12 Myojin Yahiko, and # 13 Yukishiro Enishi. Funny that Enishi and Shishio should be in such different places. Since Hiko’s pretty high on both, I guess I really am like him. But Saitou! Hell, yeah! I swear I didn’t try for that answer, either! Gah, that just made my whole night! Ah, yes, my RK obsession only grows daily. And I am the best. Yes, I am….. unworthy of Saitou-sama I may be, but I am the best.

Know what’s funny? If you look back over the calendar view of my LJ, and choose to see the subject lines for all my posts, there are at least ten that say something about skipping class. Hmmmm, maybe I skip class too often. Yah think?

Hah, I’m most like Saitou by popular vote of two! …………………. Which kinda makes it funny that I got uke on the seme-uke test, ne? Although I have read a couple of Saitou-uke stories, and I’m having one of my characters give it to him in one of my stories… well, I guess personality doesn’t always carry over in bed, or something’s repressed, or something. I don’t know. But Saitou! Hell, yeah!

Hyde’s high notes have got to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I got Lydie-chan hooked on him too, although she seems to like milky way best when my favorites are Niji, Anata, LORELEY, Singing in the Rain, the Fourth Avenue Café, flower, Round and Round, Caress of Venus…….. wait a second, if I keep going I’ll likely name all their songs eventually. The first three I named, though, are tied for my top favorite. And I love all the rest too!!!!!!!!! Laruku is the most awesome band ever to grace this planet!!!!!

It’s too bad they don’t have a mood option for “Downloading,” cause that’s how I feel right now. And as always, they really should have a “Current Underwear” slot. Wait, how I really feel would best be categorized as “Rurouni Kenshin.” Maybe I’ll stick that in the mood slot when I get done with this. But then, since that’s how I always feel, I guess it’s a little stupid. Anyway, my story rocks. And I’m most like Saitou by popular vote of two. Hell, yeah!

Well, this is getting really boring, just typing away at an LJ post, especially since I ran out of quizzes to take. I need more LJ friends, that’s my problem – then I’d have more quizzes and wouldn’t run into this downloading dilemma. Maybe I’ll just go post the next part of my awesome story (I’m most like Saitou by popular vote of two! Hell, yeah!) on the SxS board.

So, ja.