There are several reasons for this. I will elaborate each, since I have a lot of time on my hands.

1. My tuition’s all paid.

Of course, I have no money once again, and I probably won’t be able to buy gas before my next paycheck…. but I get over it.

2. Bugee posted on her LJ for the first time ever!

And it’s about freaking time!!!! She is The Babe of Inu-Yasha.

3. Heart of Sword is playing.

Definitely one of the coolest anime ending themes of all time.

4. My awesome story’s all done except for the lemon scene (part 10-2), and I’m posting parts 3-1 and 3-2 this evening.

And yes, it’s awesome. It still hasn’t gone through to the group yet, so I’m not sure if I actually posted it or not.

5. I have until 10:00 to spend here in the computer lab!

Ah, being able to browse the net in peace, posting my profane lemon fanfics wherever I want…..

6. Towa no Minari is playing.

That’s my favorite song! There’s a long message somewher on my LJ about it.

7. I think I may be getting better.

That is, I don’t feel as rotten as I did last night, which was better than how I felt the day before, which was better…. well, you get the point.

8. Towa no Minari is playing.

Have I mentioned this is my favorite song? Animetal rules!!!

9. I found out something really cute about someone I know.

That is, that a really cute guy I know is actually gay! This makes him ten times cuter! (see self-defeating behaviors #4 [girls finding gay guys attractive])

10. Towa no Minari is playing.

Hey, this is my favorite song!

11. I found some new quizzes.

I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by

I keep getting Ed on the CB quizzes…… why is that scary?


Aaaaaand I got Dilandau-sama again in another TNE test.

Well, and here’s another one! Jigoku, yeah! (Why is it always second place, me wonders? First place is never the same, although this is the second time I’ve gotten Shishio first): Man, Enishi’s often pretty high up there, too. I should probably be scared. But as long as I keep getting Saitou-sama in second place, I’m fine! Ooh, here’s another one with Shishio first and Saitou second for me:

Good heavens, I’m the noo-noo…… I’m not even a telletubbie.

Wai, this one’s awesome!!!

12. Towa no Minari is playing.

Please see #10.

13. L’Arc~en~Ciel!

Have I expressed my undying love for them yet? I’m obsessed!!!! Ah, Hyde-sama! You’re so beautiful!!!! Yes, hit that high note again!!!

OK, I just suddenly got bored with the whole LJ thing. If I manage to find more good quizzes, I’ll post again.