I never have anything real to say because no one ever replies (*sniff*), but at least I can provide quizzies for all my friends (all four of them!)!

i’m squall x zell!

i’m a guy; i like to fuck. okay, so maybe, yeah, we love each other, but geez, i won’t go getting all squashy on you.

wanna beer or something?

take the which bishink pairing are you? test,

by tenshi and llamajoy.

1.Who was the last person you yelled at? Probably my crazy Mexican co-worker Joe.
2. Who was the last person you kissed? My kinda-sorta-boyfriend.
3. What was the last memorable book you read? Les Miserables
4. When did you last dance? Like really dance? This faery doesn’t dance.
5. What’s the last thing you want to hear from your parents? Jen, we need to talk to you about your website.
6. When did you last go for a walk? A walk? As in, away from my computer?
7. When did you last do your ironing? ROFLOL
8. When was the last time you smiled all day? ALL DAY? After writing my latest lemon scene.
9. What color of socks do you normally wear? I would say whatever’s clean, but the socks lying around on my floor (which is what I tend to wear) usually aren’t.
10. Did you ever attend a private school? No.
11. Do you like stuffed animals? *shrugs* Waste of space.
12. Have you ever smashed pumpkins? I’m not mean enough to smash someone else’s, and don’t have money to waste on some of my own…. it does sound like fun, though.
14. Can you quote Shakespeare? a/s?
15. Do you like playing baseball? No.
16. Are you a neat freak? HEELLLL, no.
17. What is the worst injury you have ever given someone? Probably kicking my co-worker in the balls with steel-toed boots because he was trying to tickle me.
18. Do you ever eat lemons plain? Um, I’ll take a lemon any way it’s presented.
19. Have you ever fired a gun? Regrettably, no.
20. Do you own any knee-high boots? They’re not quite up to my knees, so no.
21. Do you have a crush on somebody? Want a list?
22. Do you like swimming in lakes? This faery’s not a water person.
23. Have you ever streaked at a football game or any other public event? That would qualify as a national disaster.
24. What is you favorite gemstone? Sapphire
25. Have you gone on many blind dates? No.
26. Has someone done something extra nice for you? Um, my life would be pretty pathetic if no one ever had.
27. Did you have a crush on any of your teachers? In HS I had a student-teacher for some science class who was a real hottie but a real jerk.
28. Have you ever been lost in a bad part of a city? No.
29. Would you rather have a mint or fruit flavored gum? Mint.
30. Do you have road rage? No.
32. Do you ever eat food right out of cans or jars? Doesn’t everyone?
33. Has your mind ever gone blank? … huh …. ?
34. Have you ever met anyone interesting at the laundry mat? I’ve never been to a laundrymat.
36. Are you kind? When I’m not being sadistic.
37. Would you give a needy person the shirt off your back? They probably wouldn’t appreciate it once I got it off and they were forced to look at a shirtless ME, but yes.
38. Do you have any beanie babies? Unfortunately, I work at McDonald’s….. I have the last three years’ worth (read: complete set, unopened, with tags intact) of Teeny Beanies as well as all those special edition bear things.
39. Would you rather be hot or cold? HOT!!!
41. Do you exercise or work out regularly? I get negative amounts of exercise.
42. Could you kill if your life was threatened? I think so.

If i was a serial killer i would be John Wayne Gacy .

If you ever had a reason to be afraid of clowns. This would be it.

Over the course of 3 years John Wayne Gacy, a part time children’s party clown, would go on to sodomize, torture and murder over 30 young men, burying most of the bodies under the floor boards of his home.

Gacy would use a chloroform soaked rag to render his victims unconscious, then take them home and tie them up in his basement. He would then proceed to torture them sexually, using a varying range of dildos and sexual toys, eventually strangling them to death with a 2×4 while raping them.

kill count: 30+

Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!

This is scary when you read my post(s) somewhere below about my little uke Ryan at work (y’know, the one I’d love to have as a man but not in my present state?)