I have been since Tuesday. I feel miserable and it’s really annoying. And I’m having to pay someone to close for me tonight, since I’m just not up to it. Bleah.

So, stuff.

I'm Desire!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

And thanks to Lydie-chan for this quiz:

1. Drink? Soo much Fresca, though right now I can’t get through more than 1/4 can of anything.
2. Best color on you? Black. Cause I’m evil, so I need to wear black to look appropriate.
3. Favorite place? Right now, lying down, because that way my stomach doesn’t act up so much. Normally I like to be in front of my computer.
4. Wine? Never. And right now it would probably be worse.
5. Whine? Only when I want to be annoying on purpose.
6. What animal would you be? A beautiful and aloof tiger that can kick butt on anything that annoys it.
7. What fictional character do you want to be?Sano, in any story where he’s being screwed by Saitou. What fictional character would you probably be, anyway? *sighs* Probably the comic-store owner from Simpsons.
9. Driving? Oh, yeah. Not right now, because sitting in a car messes up my stomach, but normally I just love the feeling of driving wherever I want to go listening to my CD player.
10. Why rice? It’s a staple, kinda like potatoes but not as cool.
11. Flight or Invisibility? Flight, duhh.
12. Rewrite the ending of… Tenkuu no Escaflowne, and make it just a bit more decisively romantic.
13. Favorite color. But really. Which one do you like to look at the most? Black and dark blue. Gorgeous combination.
14. True love once or companionship forever? Companionship. Obviously. Who needs love if you’ve got companionship? Well, as long as you have sex, anyway.
15. If you could, what kind of hair? I kinda like the look I’m going for (slow-slow-slow-growing hair…) which is kindof a cross between this guy I know and a character in a show I saw. Whatever.

my blackdaisies character

You are Sadie. You’re a complete bitch and you know it but don’t care. Only weak willed people and emotional masochists hang around you because no one could stand your caustic nature. You play your music loud, scowl at everything anyone has to say and display general antisocial behaviour. Not many people like you. You probably even have bad hygiene, but fuck hygiene anyway.

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I’m so glad!!! Mostly posted again in her LJ!!! She’s learning to post more routinely, and that’s good, cause when I go away she won’t miss me so much and I won’t miss her so much cause we’ll be LJ buddies!

Oh, did I mention? I’m not leaving Colorado Springs after all. I’m going to get an apartment here and keep going to UCCS. Kewl, ne?

So, now I will reply to Mostly’s post. Bye bee.