I’ve decided to start writing in this journal again, mostly because I’m very happy today and want to write about it!!!

Here are the reasons I’m happy:

1. Yesterday (last night/early this morning, whatever) the most wonderful person in the world agreed to be my girlfriend!!! She’s so cool and cute and sweet, and I’m so happy!!! This is the biggest reason I’m happy. I’ve been somewhat giddy (for me) all day.

2. Today I went to the mall and found a System of a Down hooded sweatshirt. It’s so shibby! I also got some jeans at the same store (Hot Topic)…. you know how long it’s been since I bought clothes other than anime T-shirts? Years and years — and even longer since I bought a pair of women’s pants……! I had no idea what size I should try on first, LOL! Also at the mall I got the latest collected volume of the Inuyasha manga, the very last RK series DVD (purely as a matter of form since I’m a collector, not because I or anyone else under the sun likes the third season) and a wall scroll of… you’ll never guess…. Aki from the Final Fantasy movie wearing a bikini!!!! Isn’t that just awesome???

3. I’m writing an RK fanfic called Warriors Blue at my darling Midori-chan’s request…… it’s an Aoshi-Soujirou yaoi……….. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, since I’ve never attempted that pairing before (considering I’m a total Saitou X Sano fanatic and 90% of my stories are about them), but so far it’s turning out not only pleasing for me, but extremely easy to write! Go figure……… Excerpt time… trying to find the cutest paragraph……. I’ll just go with the first part of the prologue:

There was only one person he knew who called him that. Strangers to whom he gave his name were generally too intimidated by him to use it, and all of his acquaintances voluntarily called him either Okashira or Aoshi-sama. He never demanded the formality of ‘Shinomori-san’ from anyone. But this boy had called him that since Aoshi had found him.

It almost made him smile. Hannya, who knew him best, shifted as he saw his commander’s reaction to the young voice hailing him over the noise of the crowded inn. He perhaps alone in the room could tell that Aoshi was almost smiling, given the fact that no actual change had come over the dark-haired man’s features. “Okashira?” he prompted softly.

“It’s all right,” Aoshi murmured in reply, and waited for his visitor to approach.

He’d practically kidnapped the boy, having pulled him in the middle of the night from a very bad situation with a cruel family. That had been ten years ago during the race for promotion, and Aoshi probably wouldn’t have bothered for pure charity’s sake — there were a lot of abused children, after all — but something about the boy had drawn the teenager instinctively to him. It hadn’t taken long to find out what it was.

Aoshi himself had been called Tenken in the past, but that was a misnomer. A genius he was — not that he thought about it — and he’d certainly reached combat proficiency at an amazingly young age… but all of that came from intense training and study, not some kind of god-given talent that accelerated him to such a level automatically. But this boy…

“Shinomori-san!” He stopped before the table where Aoshi, Hannya, and Beshimi sat, panting slightly and smiling broadly at them. He was always smiling. “I found you!”

Aoshi nodded, and tried not to let anyone else see how thoroughly his eyes were traveling over the young man’s physiognomy. It had been a few years since he’d seen him, and the absence had only increased an inclination he’d been half-denying when he left. “Soujirou,” he finally said, offering no greeting but his name. Soujirou beamed at him, staring unabashedly, but innocently, into Aoshi’s eyes. The Okashira returned the look, wondering idly about the interesting thoughts that were suddenly drifting through his mind.

4. Did I mention I have a girlfriend? :D