Ah, home from work! And since I don’t have to work until 1700 tomorrow, I can stay up as late as I want talking to ‘dori-chan and not worry about it! I had some other friends on, but they both always go to bed much earlier than I do.

I’m working on my novel. Yes, that’s a rather ambiguous phrase considering that I’m writing several different novels at once. But this one I actually want to try and get published…. if I ever manage to finish it. It’s a really cool book, I think….. but will anyone else think so?

So work was a bit annoying this evening. One of my closers called off, for what reason I know not. The other had to leave abruptly to fly out to a funeral. I got two other guys to replace them… but…. well, they’re both OK workers, and it’s fine when I have either one of them combined with a really good closer… but with both of them together…… *grimaces* The store didn’t look as good as I would have liked when we left. The opening manager will probably write me another nastygram in the computer and tell me again that I suck. Incidentally, both of the guys I closed with were named Bradon H. and had red hair.

I’ve turned almost completely nocturnal due to my schedule. The only time I go anywhere or do anything during the day is class. Most of my life is conducted after dark. This isn’t really a bad thing, of course, but it’s a lifestyle I’ve only indulged in, in the past, during the summer months between semesters.

I have my own phone line now! Yay! I can get online when Lydea-chan is also online and not worry about it!

Nothing more to say for now.