Now I’m home from work. That’s a good thing. Man, it looked like we were going to get out of there by midnight tonight (midnight being the ideal time), but then at about ten till when there was only a little left to be done, the girlfriend of one of my closers called…. and everything fell apart. This drama has been going on between him and his girlfriend for some time. She’s a totally spoiled, manipulative psycho-bitch. Tonight she was threatening to kick him out of the house because he wanted to go over to his friend’s house just to hang out. His male friend! *shakes head* I can imagine neither being so possessive nor putting up with someone who was.

I got Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home!!! Their drive-thru is open 24 hours!!!! I shouldn’t be eating donuts since I’m trying to lose weight, but I did it anyway. I’ve noticed something funny about that…….. when I’m energetic (actually, I think ‘genki’ is a better word for the state to which I’m referring), I find myself sooo much better-looking! Therefore, it’s a good thing to have energy… especially at work, where I have to wear the most uncomfortable and unflattering (at least to moderately overweight people) uniform! When I feel prettier, I perform better in every respect. It’s a funny thing….. I think that I’m moderately good-looking some of the time, and that most of my good points have nothing to do with my physical characteristics…… but life is so much better when I think I look good! I guess it’s a self-consciousness thing.

This is so cool…. I’m listening to Toxicity and wearing my Toxicity sweatshirt at the same time!!!!

And I’m going to stop now because ‘dori-chan just sent me her latest chapter of her awesome fic that I can’t link to because ff.n’s still down for maint…….. so I’m going to go read it.