Sometimes I think I must be narcoleptic. I sleep through 90% of my life! Like today….. I dropped my sister off for her class, but still had two hours to wait before my own…. and promptly fell asleep in the university center. I didn’t wake up for four freaking hours, totally missing my Japanese class and the food therein — which someone else had even bought for me! Talk about a couple of Sano-defects fighting for dominance! I suck……

But on the plus side, I have been able to write a lot lately. I’m sure it has something to do with a vastly inspiring new part of my life known as Midori-chan………. anyway, it’s awesome. Too bad I sleep when so often I could be writing….. *growls, bites herself*

I need to clean my room. Problem is, whenever I’m at home I’m either online talking to Midori-chan or….. sleeping! Which, actually, brings up the question of whether or not I really do need to clean my room, since the parts of it that I actually do are quite accessible. Yes, you fool, you DO need to clean your room! Honestly, I’m so stupid.

OK, to make myself feel better, it’s time to switch my desktop again. Ahhhhhhhh, another L’arc~en~Ciel wallpaper……………… this one with three shots of Hyde. It’s hard to hate yourself when you’re looking at a guy this gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous guys, tonight (just on a whim), I offered the gay coworker that I call Hime-chan $5 if he would go and flirt obviously with these two guys at the register. I didn’t think he’d actually do it, and at the first drawl of, “Soooo, how are you guys tonaaaaaaight?” I almost had to run to the back to keep from laughing out loud. It was pretty awesome.

OK, no more…. going to write and read my new book.