Despite the fact that reading a book is an uplifting, educating, inspiring, and generally beneficial experience, every time I read, for some reason or other I tend to look back at the time I spent in so doing as a waste. Probably because I don’t get anything written during that time, which is what I mostly think of as productive these days. *shrugs* Doesn’t matter….. I’ll get it all done tonight.

I realized the other day that I’m not familiar enough with Okina to be sure I’m writing his dialogue correctly. Time to go back and rewatch eps, ne? An excuse to do that is always good, so I forgive myself my ignorance. :D I’ve got a chapter and a half sitting around waiting for me to confirm Okina’s speech patterns. Mou…..

I’m writing a chain story with my brother. I’ve always loved chain stories, but never managed to get through a serious one before since the people I was involved with were idiots and couldn’t write a decent line to save their lives. I wish I could find some good writers who would be interested in doing a serious chain story (or as we were calling it before, a writers’ round)………… but everything thinks they’re too silly. And they are very silly, if you aren’t doing it for real. I like the silly ones too. Maybe because I’m silly. Anyway, this is a stupid topic.

Hmmm…… I just found an interesting-looking yaoi fanfic contest. Think I just may enter, for the hell of it. It’s here, in case anyone wants to know. I’m fairly sure it’s an RK-only contest, although she doesn’t mention it on that page.

Well, that’s all for tonight… gonna go work on stuff.