Well, fortunately for me, I was able to take my Japanese midterm today. That shouldn’t stop me from feeling like an idiot since it doesn’t make it any less stupid that I skipped the midterm in the first place……… but it does make me feel like a good deal less of an idiot.

It snowed! It’s so pretty and delightfully cold!!!! I probably shouldn’t be so gleeful about this as my van handle atrociously in the snow, but I can’t help loving it!

*sighs* Once again, I don’t have any money for Halloween. And I was going to do the coolest costume this year and wear it to work…………………………. *pouts* That’s the second year in a row that this has happened.

I have Friday off. And this week, if someone asks me to work, I’m just going to laugh. Sorry. My many fanfics and pictures are much more important than your whole store and all its employees.

Nothing more to say right now.