So, today I used my very last recordable CD. I’d been holding off, thinking to use it for something very special…….. but I got sick of having to listen to several different CD’s to get my daily music fix. Lately that involves Chop Suey!, Shimmy, Falling in Love (is so Hard on the Knees), Ain’t That a Bitch?, and The Juppongatana. So I threw ’em all on a CD along with some other stuff in the same style (ever notice that a whole lot of the System songs are under 3 minutes long?), and am now CD-less.

Which brings me to my next point: I am so entirely broke. I can’t afford hangers for my clothes. Heck, I can’t even afford to wash my clothes. I’m going to use the most useful skill Sano taught me and take them all over to my parents’ house on Sunday. Heh. I’m glad all of RK is finally out….. that’s one DVD a month less to buy. Not that it means I’ll buy any less DVD’s a month……………

I’m in such bad shape. I never exercise at all, at all, at all….. and since all my principle sources of pleasure arise from activities conducted at the computer, it’s not likely that this will ever really change. I know I’d be sick a lot less often, however, if I’d just get off my butt every now and then and work up a good sweat. People tell me that constantly getting laid helps, but that isn’t really a viable option at present.

Today at work when I was supposed to be working, I drawed this. It maked me happy.

*growls* So I’m writing this chain story with my brother, but he checks his email so rarely that it’s almost pointless. Very annoying. And my almost entirely nocturnal ways proclude my calling or IMing someone else in the family to bug about it.

I’ve had this unprecedented desire recently to write a songfic. Not inspiration for a songfic, just a strange urge to write one. So maybe the net’ll be seeing a songfic from me sometime soon, for no other reason than that. *shrugs*

I HAVE TOMORROW OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so freaking excited!!!!!! I can sleep as late as I want without setting an alarm and not feel guilty about it, and I can work on stories and pictures all evening and not go anywhere if I don’t want to!!! This makes me so extremely pleased!!!!!

Nothing else to say right now.