Well, as usual, it snowed for Halloween. You’d think Murphy’s law would dictate warm weather for the year when I have no costume and have to work, but the law seems to prefer to make the masses suffer…. so it snowed. If the majority of the community had no money for costumes and/or had to work, the weather would probably have been fine.

When I got to work, neither of my closers were there. After worrying for about an hour, I managed to get ahold of one of them. He was planning on coming in, and had in fact called to say he would be late — but the previous manager hadn’t felt like passing the message along. I never heard from the second guy. Then one of the employees that was there was drunk off his ass, and more useless than usual (normally he’s a complete idiot…. tonight he was reel-through-the-kitchen-fall-onto-the-grill-wonder-why-his-arm-is-burnt stupid) So I sent him home early, leaving just me and my one closer in the store from 2000 on. We close at 2300.

Needless to say, the night sucked. I called nearly everyone who worked at my store to see if they could come in and help us, even just for a few hours if they couldn’t close, but of course the answer was always the same — “It’s Halloween, dude…. get real!” That was when I got ahold of them at all.

So my closer and I were both in a rather bad mood, and because of this were very (to put it in proffessional terms) unproductive for most of the evening. Well, and the steady stream of customers through drive-thru helped too. Anyway, at 2315, my supervisor showed up out of the blue, and about twenty minutes later the director of operations for the entire company followed. They were there to fix the computers, and were not pleased at how much work we had left to do at eleven o’clock at night.

The problem is, not only are both of them rather intimidating to me and my coworker, but they also kept calling me back into the office to ask me questions over and over and over again. The end result was that we didn’t get out of there until 230. And with the snow on the ground, and how bad my van is therein, I didn’t get home until 400.

Bad day.

*cries* And I haven’t talked to ‘dori-chan for sooo long!!!