Anime endings depress me. But it’s different for each one, and it matters a great deal whether the series is short or long.

The ending of BSSM, besides being a truly awesome ending, was so terribly depressing to me just in its endingness that I cried for hours and my face got all red and blotchy. And I don’t mean from the final showdown between Usagi and Galaxia, I’m talking about the actual ending — Usagi and Mamo-chan kissing in front of the moon and the credits rolling with Moonlight Densetsu. I cried just because it was the end.

The ending of RK depressed me severely because it was so fucking lame. However, the first time I read the manga, I cried for hours at the end because it was over, and because the Kenshingumi split up. Very depressing.

The ending of CB was obviously going to be depressing. But more than just the deaths (which, although they were sad, I didn’t mind at all), the breaking up of the Bebop crew was the worst for me. I can’t listen to Call Me, Call Me without bawling my eyes out. (Well, I can’t listen to See You Space Cowboy or Blue or even No Reply without crying…… CB music is the most depressing music in the world. I still love it, though.)

The ending of Trigun was depressing in a good way. It’s the death that makes it depressing at all, since in all other respects I consider it a happy ending. I can’t give any justification for my acceptance of that death, but I do accept it and move on.

The ending of TNE is depressing in a frustrating, boy-you-guys-screwed-this-series-up sort of way. I despise the ending, which was why the movie was such a relief. This isn’t to say that I don’t love the series… but I do hate the end.

The ending of Nazca is one of those awesome, perfect, tragic endings where I lose my eyeballs somewhere in the flood of tears but come out smiling. Like Othello. Awesome show.

And then there was Fushigi Yuugi (the series, not the OAVs), which broke all the rules. Despite the fact that it was a long show with a couple of totally unecessary deaths that I really couldn’t accept, the ending was so completely satisfying and happy, I was just blown away by it. Veeeeerrrrry nice.

Um, that’s all.