Yay! I’m home from work, and I had a good day! Well, I skipped Japanese again for the 12,000th time in a row, and took a nap instead of going to that wretched class, and I’m pretty sure Sensei’s going to slaughter me and use my dead corpse for fertilizer. So look for me in a flower arrangement next spring. But I still had a good day.

My sister and I went to see The Santa Clause 2, and it was great!!! I had problems with the first one because of all the family angst and divorce issues in it….. for some reason, I despise that in most movies, and in Christmas movies especially. But the second one had about none of that, and although it did have one or two points that bothered me, I really liked it — as a movie and as a Christmas movie, which for Disney is impressive.

It’s too bad JAM didn’t ever do a song about donuts. I would have liked that. I’d put it on a CD with Cheese “Pizza” and listen to them together.

I’ve just started the sequel to As the Years Go Up in Smoke. I don’t have a title for it yet, but I’m getting hold of the plot so I’m writing it now. I hope I can make it as angsty as Up in Smoke, but I don’t know if I can…. this one’s going to have a happy ending, after all. Well, probably not for Kenshin, but happier than the Up in Smoke did. Kenshin kinda got the crap-end of things in that one too, after all. Poor Kenshin.

While I was asleep today, I had a vastly strange dream. My dreams, I’ve discovered over the years as I’ve recounted them to people, are stranger than most people’s dreams. However, this one was strange in a different way……… it was disturbing, especially given that I subscribe to the Fruedian theories of dreams being a direct manifestation of one’s unconscious desires. I’m still trying to interpret this one, and I’m a bit worried………………….

But I still had a good day!!!

That’s all.