Well, I coudln’t sleep for some reason, so I got back up at about 6:00 and finished / posted chapter 7 of Warriors Blue. Yay me!

My desktop is now an exceedingly beautiful picture of Kenshin being…. beautiful. I mean, like, swoooony beautiful. Like he’s so hot I have to stare at him for twelve minutes ever time I close a program and see the desktop. Like……….. *sighs* Wow.

I am hungry, but I also feel sick. Maybe that’s what kept me up all night. Oh, well, whatever. I’m feeling so weird, though, that I really can’t think of anything to say, and it’s about time to get dressed and go get my sister so we can pretend to go to school. Blech. I think I might have a test in Psychology today, so I’m going to have to actually go in there and see. Blehhhhhhhhch.

Ngya. Maybe I’ll just go see Harry Potter again instead. Actually, I can’t, ’cause she doesn’t want to see it until her boytoy can take her to see it. Blah.

Ngya. Nothing more to say. Well, I haven’t really said much of anything, so just ngya.