Well, ‘dori-chan pointed out that I haven’t written here in quite a while, so I decided to come update. I’m so lazy…….. it’s pretty sad when I spend all my time online but don’t even have the energy to push a little button and type out some stuff about my favorite subject. Speaking of talking about me, my newest RK-centric song parody is truly awesome, fresh proof of my ultimate genius. It’s based on Toby Keith’s I Wanna Talk About Me, and can be found here if you want to read and marvel. I also updated Warriors Blue and Chi no Kiretsu just now.

I hate it when I write a story and nobody wants to read it.

*eyes the above sentence* Boy, isn’t that an original sentiment.

Anyway, I redid the summary on Chi no Kiretsu to suggest more decisively that Scott and Katie are somehow Sano and Kaoru…. maybe people will be interested now. I hope so, because I’m totally in love with the story and already in sequel-mode. And speaking of Warriors Blue……… someday, I swear, I will finish the title pic for it. So lazy………

Lydea-chan put up her Christmas tree tonight, and then we put lights and glass balls on it. Kirei!!! I do so love pretty Christmas traditions. Friday is my family’s Christmas-decorating day (the day after Thanksgiving always is), so I have the day off of work and I’ll be over there to do all that fun stuff.

My hands are freezing, and I haven’t had a donut all day. But at least I’m a genius. Also, ‘dori-chan wrote this devilishly sexy story that I just adore. *grins* Yay for new yaoi! Especially the lemon kind!

Mmmmm…. lemon-filled donuts………….. Guess I know what I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow. Either that or vanilla ice cream. Hee hee.

Shimatta, I hate it when Hotmail won’t load. I just want to check my email, gosh-darnit; is that so hard??????

Think I’ll go see HP&tCoS again tomorrow. If I can convince Imouto-ama to go with me. She’s seen it now, finally, so she’ll probably want to go again if I offer to pay. Enduring her company and buying her a movie ticket is a lot to ask of anyone, but since I have to endure her company anyway, I might as well do it during a good flick.

Ngya. I can’t seem to stop saying that. It’s just such a cute noise! I decided that if I had a pet snake, which I would very much like to, I would name it Ngya so I could say its name all the time in a mouth-pleasing fashion. Speaking of pets, I have a new one. He’s a keychain. I named him Cheeseburger at his own request, as that’s what he resembles except for his golden tail. His boyfriend is also a cheeseburger-shaped keychain named Tristan (or Terrence), but they’re not likely to see each other very often from now on. Cheeseburger likes donuts too, so I will give him some to make him feel less lonely when Terrence isn’t around. Tristan belongs to Hime-chan, my coworker. Right now he’s sitting here next to me on the stand with En Shevil (speaking of stories nobody wants to read) and Lara Croft.

*yells, cries* Why won’t Hotmail load? And where is today’s BMB strip?

Yay for SKU! It’s been so long since I last saw Akio…….. I’d forgotten what a beautifully arrogant voice he has. And Anshi’s so hot without her glasses………

And speaking of hot, Hotohori is on my desktop now looking soooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. I know people (no names mentioned ;) ) who think Chichiri and/or Tasuki are the hottest, but Hotohori-sama will always be my favorite!!! And for slash……… well, I still kinda prefer Tamahome with Miaka, but Hotohori/Tamahome is a good thing. And Nuriko, of course.

Ngya. I have nothing more to say.