I am having a good day. When I got up I wented to the gas station across the street and buyed junk foods!!!!! And eated them for a long time!!!!! Also I have finished some chapters……..

OK, Black Flower Memorial is my new fic. It’s canon, with no yaoi or yuri to be seen. It’s PG — no lemons scenes or swearing or anything. In other words, quite a change for me. It’s also AU, so anyone in the world could read an understand it. And it seems like a lot of them are….. I have 11 freaking reviews on the first chapter already!!!!!!!! *dies* I just can’t believe it! It’s so cool! I finished the second chapter of that today. Good jobon me. This second chapter can be read here, yay it, but isn’t on ff.n yet.

I also finished chapter 11 of Warriors Blue, the story that has gotten me more reviews than any other story I’ve ever written (45) and is currently my longest RK fic (60 pages)

OK, yes, you’re right. I am quite obsessed with my own stories. But writing is what this faery does, and she doesn’t care about much else.

Ngya. Very good day. *grins* I want new quizzes…….