I always have this strange urge to shave off my eyebrows. Not because I like pencilled eyebrows or because I dislike my own eyebrows — actually, I adore my eyebrows — but just because I want to shave them off. Not really a reason at all, I guess. No mas eyebrows! But I won’t do it.

I made a startling realization the other day. Startling, mostly, because I’d never realized it before, not because it was such a novel idea. I recalled that donuts often come in dozens, and that a dozen donuts is really one of the most perfect things in all existence. I mean, it’s donuts, and there are twelve of them….. how much more amazing can something be? That’s just so cool, and I have no idea why I didn’t think of it before. Twelve – Donuts. Duh!

Well, it’s almost Christmas, and I have procured a total of one (1) present out of the six or more I need to find. I would say that the present for one of my sisters will be easy, since all she wants is all my MP3’s……… but that’s a whole buttload of MP3’s to copy onto a whole lof of disks. I really have no idea if I’ll get it done in time. *sighs*

I just don’t like KxK. I mean, I like it in stories that really make it work, like ‘dori-chan’s Ballad, but in general I’m so bored with it. I prefer them as best friends, even in canon, because I just don’t see any chemistry between them at all, I don’t think they look particularly good together, any romantic relationship starring them is utterly boring to write or read about (except in interesting situations like, oh, Ballad), and I think that if Kenshin is with any woman, it should be Tomoe. Kaoru I prefer with Misao or Enishi or even Sano. And I’m having the hardest time in the world writing this gosh-darn canon one-shot. Despite being inspired, it’s been three days since I started it and I’m just now getting to finished-rough-draft stage…. and even that’s a finished rough draft in need of some serious revamping.

OK, actually, I’ll admit…….. I do kinda like BxK, because I think the idea of Battousai loving Kaoru is amazingly sexy. Kenshin’s sexier as Battousai all around, but the concept of ruthless-killer-touched-by-determined-innocence is a lot more appealing than goofy ol’ swirly-eyed Oro Boy falling in love with her, in my opinion, just because she’s there and nice to him.

Oops, gotta go………… I’m only supposed to leave this dye in my hair for twenty-five minutes.