Sometimes I feel like Kiyosata… ashamed to be enjoying things when others are suffering so much.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with feelings of sympathy but without any real way of expressing them…. I feel like I would be intruding with any attempt to comfort people in cases that probably aren’t really my business, but still I feel so bad for those involved…. if they could somehow touch my inner emotions and understand what I’m feeling for their sake, maybe that would do them some good just so that they would know that someone sympathizes……… but there’s no way for that to happen, so I’m left with nothing to do and feeling bad.

Life is weird.

And then there are situations where I might do some good but can’t or don’t…. like when Lydea-chan is sick and I’m running around trying to get to work on time and not really helping…. then I come home every night and think, I should do the dishes, but then put it off and forget. So in the end I’m not ever really any real use to anyone in the world… I just sit around writing every moment.