Dammit, this is the second time this has happened to me, and it makes me feel like retreating from the online writing community entirely. It shouldn’t hurt so bad, really… it doesn’t make sense to angst over something like this when there are people dying and suffering in various horrendous ways all over the world…. who really cares if someone with too much time on her hands decided to steal one of my stories and claim she wrote it? Why should that tear my heart out? Dammit, there’s no reason to cry over something like this. It’s not even as bad as last time. Get over it.

March 05, 2003: I remembered this entry all of a sudden and felt that I should probably come back and edit it in case anyone goes through my journal (dunno why they would, but whatever): this situation was all a misunderstanding, subsequently cleared up, and the person became one of my good friends.