Making an entry just for the sake of making an entry. Mostly I want to push that monster down the page and out of sight. *hates being so juvenile*

Well. I’ve got a lot of anime I need to watch. Tonight I’m going to be going over Kenshin vs. Aoshi II and Kenshin vs. Soujirou again and again because I’m just not sure yet that I can write chapter 17 correctly. Who knows when it’ll be done….. At least I won’t get distracted in those eps by Saitou being infinitely more glompable than anyone else or blatant Saitou x Sano moments that keep me watching stuff I don’t need to and put off my chapter-writing attempts even more.

I also need to rewatch the ten or so WK eps I have on rental before I return them. I still don’t think I have the characters down yet (for slashing, that is), so even before I move on to the next set of DVD’s I’m going to watch these episodes again. I’ve got an idea for my very first WK fic, but I’m nervous about stepping into a new fandom at this point. So I will rewatch for better assimilation. Current crush is Schul.

I’ve broken my rule twice in a row now, and made RK updates to my ff.n account without song parodies to go with them. I’ve got the next couple of parody ideas lined up and ready to write, but I just haven’t felt like working on them. Bad faery. Bad.

I wonder whatever became of the Hero 6 project?

*pets tie*

Shimatta, I love reviews. Sometimes I feel like going in and reviewing all my own stuff just for the pleasure of seeing all those Review Alerts in my inbox. Da ha, you can tell who hasn’t read the manga. They’re like, “How could Iwanbou possibly up his own intelligence level?” Da ha ha ha ha ha. Glad I finally got some of that one up. *glees* I’m so glad! Somebody looked at Soujirou’s little analysis in the carriage and shrewdly wondered if I’m not going to be slashing everyone else up too…… Good for them! That was the point of that scene, after all! Ngyee hee hee.

I want donuts. But to get donuts requires going to the store, which would take me out into the cold and away from my computer. I’m considering. Hmm, we seem to be out of toilet paper; maybe I really should go to the store……. it’s only midnight……….. *ponders* Ah, the trials of the lazy.

*goes to store*

*comes back munching donuts* They didn’t have any Entenmann’s, but I got a different kind. And some beef jerky, which is right up there with donuts on the list of things that are the best to eat in the whole world and you can get at the grocery store.

*mocks self* Every time I go into King Soopers, I tell myself at the door, “This time I’m getting a basket.” But I always forget, and end up hauling around a 12-pack of Fresca, two packages of beef jerkey, a box of donuts, and whatever else I’m buying all the way through the store. Duhhhhhhh.

Ah, is there anything sexier than a suit? (Well, besides a blue Meiji-era police uniform with a black T-shirt underneath?) *pets dress jackets* If I were prettier and thinner, I’d be the sexiest woman in the world because of all my sexy suit clothing. Yum. *pets tie again* I am Brad bait, and I didn’t even know it until a week ago. *glees* Now, if only I could find my shark tie. I had this shark tie that was the cutest tie in the world because it was red and had sharks on it. But I can’t find it now. *misses her shark tie* But I love my new tie. It’s so pretty and black. Black is good.

OK, no mas. If I keep writing in my stupid lj, I’ll never get those eps watched.