Well, I spent the last twenty-four hours or so making my very first two quizzes. I don’t think I did a very good job on the first one, as far as result accuracy, or on a whole bunch of the graphics for both of them (some are good, but some suck). Now I will take them and see what answers I get. (I’m so proud of myself……..)

I’m Niji!!!
Take the quiz: Which Rurouni Kenshin Opening/Ending Theme Are You?
This was my first-ever quiz. I’m pleased, as my result is fairly accurate for me. This was one of the graphics I wasn’t too happy about……. but at least this one mostly wasn’t my fault: the RK movie’s opening song plays during movie footage rather than any kind of “opening sequence.” Also, most of the time it has credits all over the place.

I’m a DRAMATIC SxS fic!!!
Take the quiz: What kind of SxS Fic Are You?
I’m pleased with this one… much more than the other one…. mostly because the questions and answer-choices are more amusing. Well, and also because it’s SxS, which is my favorite thing in the world. :D This, I believe, was the lamest graphic out of all of them. But I think this result is accurate too. *pats self on the back*

Well, this faery is very happy with this faery today. Now that I know how to make quizzes (damn, it was frustrating at first when they weren’t working right…….!!!!), I’m going to make a million of them!!!


And in other news………

I'm Koyasu Takehito

Which Weiss seiyuu are you?