Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I don’t want to move back home, but it seems like the sooner I do, the better. My whole schedule is screwed up beyond belief, nobody wants to hire me, and I think I’m driving everyone I know quite mad. I know things will smooth out once I’m done with all the big changes.

Oi. I’m doing anything to keep from working on my first WK fic. I’m scared to death of it. My first RK fic sucked so bad…….. *cries*

I will fill out this survey.

The Original Characters Quiz

1. Have you created any original characters?
Um, yeah

2. That weren’t intended for a fanfic?

3. If so, how many?
A lot? How many characters does it take to fill a novel?

4. Any favorites?
Ashe Kumouji, at the moment

5. Any that you can relate to?
Just about all of them, really.

6. Any that you would like to *be*?
Ashe! Ashe! Ashe! *glomps Ashe*

7. Do you remember what the first fictional character you ever created was?
No…. that was way too long ago……

8. Nicest of your original characters?
Nice in what sense? Kind? I dunno….. Probably Nyuvel, since he was destined to be a Paladin.

9. Evillest character?
Vurtsella Shlimn, the one who got a kick out of destroying an entire planet for no real reason

10. Weirdest character?
Caidelle O’Lowry, who was half insane and chased one of the heroines around the galaxy for years ’cause he thought he was in love with her.

11. Most annoying?
Now, really… why would I write a character that would annoy me? That would make it difficult to continue the story.

12. Sexiest character?
Ashe, ohhh yeah.

13. Strangest backstory?
Well, how strange is strange when it comes to backstory? Like, I-was-the-current-enemy’s-girlfriend-long-ago strange, I-don’t-like-sucking-human-blood-so-I-left-my-homeland strange, I-was-addicted-to-the-druglike-wind-that-suddenly-ravaged-my-planet-so-I-left strange, I’m-insane-because-my-dear-sister-went-back-in-time-and-married-a-dolphin-and-died strange, or what?

14. Biggest plot twist attached?
Probably Heather, who turned out to be the Goddess of Light made human and then sacrificed herself to save humanity.

15. Do you prefer to make up villains or heroes?
I don’t generally make up villains at all.

16. Speaking of which, do you have a favorite hero from your original characters?
Hmm….. Ashe or En Shevil.

17. Favourite villain?
Well, like I said….. Niochan is pretty well the only villain I’ve really made up, since I prefer psychological conflict to physical.

18. Do you ever associate songs with any of your characters?
No. Events, on occasion, but never characters.

19. Any character that you’d like to write a whole story about?
Um…….. What kind of question is that? Why would you make up characters and not write a story about them?

20. And finally, has anyone else created an original character that you really, really like? (and sort of wished you’d thought of yourself?)
Of course I love all the characters from works that I love. The only character who comes to mind that I kinda wish I’d thought up myself is Deth from McKillip’s Riddle-Master books. Oh, he’s soooo awesome……..