Ah, they were having a sale at the haircutting place. *rubs fuzzy shaved part* I feel sooooooooooo much better now.

In the shower today, I was struck with a massive bolt of inspiration for a WK story. A good one, too, I think. Yesterday my sister inadvertently gave me a good idea for the other one I’m trying to write, too. *glees* Yay for ideas! *pets Farfie*

On the other hand, I’m still staring at a blank page for Warriors Blue chapter 21. Of course, I haven’t really tried to work on it yet…….

Last night I dreamed (among other things) that there was a young tyrannosaurus running around in the crowded building where I was, and nobody could do anything about it but me. But as I jumped over it and grabbed it and twisted its neck around until the head ripped off in my hands, I was crying, and apologizing because I couldn’t think of a painless way to kill it. Even in my dreams I’m such a softie…. even when I have the strength to throttle a dinosaur in order to save people, I cry. A strange kind of nightmare, ne?

I find that I am inordinately proud of my lineage. The fact that I am a Poe by blood is as thrilling to me as if I had accomplished some great work myself rather than just having a cousin several generations back who happened to be the greatest master of the English language. *bows down and worships Poe* Ah, enough.