Black and white! These are the greatest colors. I have been productive so far today. I’m only about a third of the way through Warriors Blue 22, but considering that I’m shooting for the perfect lemon in this chapter, and I’m out of donuts, I think I’ve made enough progress at this point to put the next third of it off until later when I’ve eaten something. Lemons are so very hard for me to write…. this one, so far, has already surpassed the fight of chapter 17 in difficulty. Shimatta, I’m so freaking hungry. And I finished the rough draft of Crimson Coronation chapter three. If this seven-page chapter standard keeps up, the story’s going to turn out a good deal longer than I’d originally estimated. Da ha ha ha ha, Aya, ha ha ha ha ha……. Chapter four is going to be my favorite, I bet. Its title is …and pulls the wings off of butterflies. Da ha ha ha ha. So I stabbed myself earlier. Just for fun, because I was writing about Farfie. And sliced my arm. My knife is so dull. And parts of it taste different than others, which I think is odd. Kuso, I’m so hungry……….


My sister took me out to lunch…. blessed be her name forever and a day, and longer than that since one stupid day past forever seems like quitting a little early, don’t you think? I ate so much delicious Chinese food that I’m about ready to cry with happiness. I feel so good. Also ice cream. I bet I could write thirty pages straight out if I tried right now…. but considering my most recent sleep was 20:30 to 1:00 (or something like that; I don’t remember the exact hours), I’m a little tired. Time for a nap, and then to take stupid stuff over to the stupid house that I have to live in soon. However, nothing can dampen my cheerfulness at this point as I am full of food. If feeling fat is a sin, then I am going to hell. Beautiful. When I’m done transporting crap from point A to point B and using up my car’s precious and expensive gas in so doing, I will finish my WB lemon, edit CC chapter three, and post all my masterpieces of genius. I feel so good right now. *grins happily*