‘dori-chan has been busy lately marrying more and more anime guys (she had a couple of husbands, and now all of a sudden she’s got eleven….!!), and she got me into it. I guess it’s a good idea to make this thing between me and ‘Jime formal anyway, ne? So here’s the official list:

1. Saitou. Well, obviously.
2. Farfie. I had the hardest time choosing between him and Schu for #2. *licks knife*
3. Schu. And I play with his hair.
4. Dilandau-sama. I’ll take movie version or series version — time to dominate some beautiful psycho-boy ass!!!!!
5. Shishio. I’m also taking his last name. Shishio Jen sounds cute, doesn’t it? I’ll call him Koto-chan.
6. Brad. Glasses have never looked so sexy. *swoons*

*marries them all* And I have special wedding presents for them all, too. For Saitou, I have a very beautiful nineteen-year-old roosterhead with spiky hair (this is a present to myself, too, since I get to watch). For Farfie, I have [censored ’cause you really don’t want to know]. For Schu…. well, I’m giving him permission to fuck Farfie whenever he wants (see note on Saitou’s present). For Dilandau-sama… well, he’ll probably enjoy what I’m giving Farfie, but I’m also going to bring Van (and/or Allen depending on if we’re talking movie version characters or series) here periodically and let ‘Landau do what he pleases with him/them, ngyee hee hee….. With Shishio in mind I have purchased a very fine set of black, flame-retardant bedding and one very cute cross-dressing red-head. (Although Kama-chan has purple hair in the anime, I prefer the manga red.) And for Brad………. well, beyond keeping Schu and Farfie away from him (which is a sacrifice for my yaoi-loving heart, but I can manage), what else can you do for a guy who’s got everything? I dunno. He’ll just have to deal. Maybe I’ll ask ‘dori-chan if I can borrow Ken sometime, da ha ha ha…………. *cowers, runs* That was a joke! A joke!

And those are my husbands.