I’m spending the night at my parents’ house……… which I really should just start calling my house again………. because I have laundry going downstairs and it’ll save me gas money if I just go to school from here tomorrow (setting aside the fact that I didn’t bring an alarm clock and have no real idea if I can get up in time for school on my own; it’s not like I’m desperately eager to go or anything, so whatever).

Ah, I’m very tired. Even if I were at my apartment, I doubt I’d get anything written, so I might as well be here. *yawns* I’ll just ramble for the sake of hanging around a bit in case ‘dori-chan signs on while I’m typing this entry. Guess I might as well take a quiz or two while I’m at it.

Find out what anime series you belong in.

Speaking of quizzes…….. da ha ha ha ha ha………… I maked a quiz today. Not that ^ kind of quiz, though…… an impossible trivia quiz. There are 12 questions, and whoever can answer all twelve of them correctly gets the prize! But nobody under the sun can answer all twelve correctly, so da ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! As a matter of fact, I bet nobody can get more than nine of them. *falls over laughing*

I’ve come to take you.
What character from a creepy anime are you?

Considering Ferengi women run around naked, that’s kinda freaky. But whatever.

I got another addition onto my chain story today!!!!!! That makes me so happy!!! Now there are………. well, that means there are still only three so far, but that’s better than two, ne? Not many people visit my site anyway, so I figure three’s not a bad percentage. Of course, one of those was me…………. but maybe the other two will try to answer my impossible trivia questions!!!!!!!!!!! I doubt it, though.

Which Member of WeiĆ¢ Are You?

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^ Aya again……… you know, there are some quizzes where I can retake them and get different answers depending on my mood……. this is not one of them. I’ve never gotten anyone but Aya on this one. Very annoying. And I can’t believe Mostly got Farfie on the “Which WK guy could you be having sex with?” quiz!!!!! The guy’s my husband, dammit, and I’ve never gotten him on that quiz…! I guess I’ve just never taken it when I’m in that kind of mood, ne……..

I wonder what kind of quiz I should make next. That last one was really good, I thought…. maybe I should just do that for all the bishi’s in RK. That’s not really interesting to me, though, so I think I won’t. *ponders* I prefer to make RK quizzes, because that’s the only anime I really know inside-out and backwards. Well, I know BSSM like that too, but I’m not so interested in that. Plus I have the entire RK series on DVD, but I don’t have any BSSM-SS or original season on DVD (only fansubbed videos) and thus could only take screenshots from the middle three seasons — which would be inconvenient if I were making a quiz like, oh, Which Sailor Senshi Are You? since then I’d have to go searching the net for days to find decent pics of Starlights and such.

Pookster is standing behind me doing stupid things to me like taking my necklace away and cutting individual hairs off my head and claiming that my items of clothing belong to her. Oh, no, forgive me — not my actual shirt, just the tag in the back of it. And not my overalls, just the left strap. She says she will call Greg. If I had a cell phone, I would call Greg. It’s fun to bother Greg. Poor Greg. He and I have this similar problem, which is called he just moved in with his homophobic brother and I am moving back in with my family. *sympathizes.

I thought of a new SxS idea the other day. Something really bloody and angsty that would have a sweet, happy ending. Possibly to be done with a first-person Saitou POV. If I write it, the title will be 30. And speaking of bloody and angsty, ngyee hee hee……… well, never mind, I won’t get into that at the moment. It’s another good idea, though. Just gotta check one scene from the manga before I start writing it, and haven’t gotten around to doing so yet. I start way too many new fics. Oh, well; keeps people guessing what’s going to be updated next….. or something…….. Next should be WB, if I can ever get that damn lemon written.

Well, it’s almost 11:30 and I’m so tired…….. Only 9:30 in ‘dori-chan time, but I can’t stay awake much longer. I’ll check up on some other pages and then I’ll go to bed. Hm, nope, looks like none of my Favorite Stories have been updated (since the last time I checked twenty minutes ago)………….. and no new emails, which means that nobody new has attempted my impossible trivia quiz, or reviewed any of my 34 ff.n stories………….. Looks like my SxS quiz is the most popular at the moment, but that some of the trackers are off because I know the Aoshi quiz has been accessed more than once. Hm, my highest month for viewings of my site was last October… go figure… Most people get there from my ff.n profile, it seems.

I don’t have anything else to check, so I will go to bed.