You're Kurosaki Hisoka! Some days, it just doesn't seem worth it to get out of bed.
Hisoka Kurosaki

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Weird…. I have brown hair and green eyes too… although my brown is much darker than this guy’s.

A busy and somewhat traumatic day. I skipped class (so lovely to be getting into that habit already) in order to pawn half my valuable belongings. But let’s not talk about that! For on a much more positive note, I did get something like five paragraphs done on the WB lemon. The reason for this has a lot to do with the fact that I hadn’t touched it in several days, and when I hooked up my computer over here I reread it and realized that it didn’t suck anywhere near as bad as I was afraid it did! There is hope for it yet, in fact! Demo….. my Playstation…………. and all my beautiful games……. my TV………… my VCR…………. *cries*

At once closer to the heavenly lights and frequently wrapped in clouds, the tower was at night either much brighter or a good deal darker than the bedroom of any normal person. The princess did not feel this difference as she had no concept of the living situations of normal people. She did not miss the absence of light when her windows were plugged by cloud, nor did she rue its presence when the evening was clear; sleep was one activity with which she never had trouble, and of which she never tired.

Tonight was halfway between the two extremes: the clouds hung low beneath the level of her windows so that the light of the moon and stars was trapped between its points of origin and the silvery mass below, giving the sky’s landscape beyond her prison an eerie, hazy brilliance and the appearance of a kingdom until itself. Watching clouds and stars simultaneously, observing how they played off one another, was different from watching either by itself, and provided her with amusement for many an hour as the night progressed. Still, eventually she retreated from the window, with a sigh, for bed.

There were no unfamiliar noises in her world. The manifold sounds of the wind in its various levels and the indications of her own actions were the only things that ever touched her ears, and with them she was intimately familiar. So when an unfamiliar noise actually did happen upon her, she nearly didn’t believe it. Turning again slowly, she regarded the filtered white light that fogged in through the window with the smallest fragmented wisp of cloud.

Of unfamiliar objects she also knew nothing, as while she could easily send something away from her plane of existence forever with but a flick of her wrist, new things were never introduced to her while she stayed in the tower. How could they be?

She stared and stared. For how long she stared, unblinking, at the impossibility she did not know: an hour, perhaps, or maybe more. It could not exist. She could not have heard the sound, and could not be seeing the object. She must be going insane even before she’d predicted she would………. although if that were the case, she saw no reason not to believe in this seemingly concrete evidence before her. She approached the window and examined the newcomer, venturing after several long minutes even to touch it. It seemed real enough — real enough to convince her mind in whatever state latter happened currently to be, that is.

It was a hook, clinging tightly to the sill of the window, the rope attached to its lower end vanishing into the dimness of clouds below.

So after I finish playing around online I’m going to go attempt to finish up that lemon. Or at least write some more paragraphs. I mustn’t be in a hurry to finish it, though, as I’m trying to make it longer than my usual lemons (which are usually no more than three pages) and also really good. I’m so relieved that it doesn’t suck, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it longer. I just don’t write long lemons. *cowers, hopes ‘dori-chan will forgive* I started the next chapter of Crimson Coronation, too… hopefully I can get that done sometime soon. The Farfie-Aya parts of it are what I’m looking forward to, but I’ve gotta stop myself from jumping ahead and writing all the fun stuff, or I’ll never get done with the boring stuff (*runs before Ran can realize she thinks he’s boring*). It’s not that boring….. just not as fun as FARFIE *glomps Farfie, pets him*

I haven’t been sleeping at all well in this bed here at home. For one thing, it’s an uncomfortable bed. For another, it’s always weird trying to switch everything in the world and…………. wow, I just all of a sudden lost all interest in continuing to be coherent and keep writing this entry.