[Edit: picture is goooonnnneee]

Someday I will have a paid account on ff.n and this will be my picture!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!

My sister and I do the weirdest thing, although for some reason it didn’t occur to me until yesterday that it was weird. This is called, we always go to Wal-Mart and browse the underwear section, and she usually ends up buying underwear for both of us. Yesterday I got a new pair of boxers that have shiny red hearts on them!!!!!!!!!! *dances*

I have no idea why I’m so hyper today. Time to work on Wildcat Yay me!!

My computer is currently sitting on the floor of my room, all set up except for the scanner. This is the reason my back hurts so terribly: I hafta sit on the floor in order to type, and it’s baaaaaaaad for me. I was going to go get my table from the apaato today, but there was sooo much snow and my van is already bad in the snow when it doesn’t have the seats removed. So I will get my table another day, and my back will just have to suffer.

For some reason I just cannot fathom, this just cracks me up beyond belief. Da ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha!! *licks knife*

I need helllllllllp!!!! I need help from someone who gets MTV.