I just watched the Care Bears movie, so yay on that!!!!!

Time for this survey.

The Yaoi Survey+

-First Set-

1.When Did You Get Into Yaoi: I forgot.

2.How Did You Get Into Yaoi: I was looking for RK fics, and I stumbled upon a site full of Kenshin-Sano stuff. I didn’t know yaoi existed, and when I started reading them I was like, “Huh, that’s kinda weird…” and discoverd that I didn’t much like the Kenshin-Sano pairing. But the site also had a small section for other pairings, and one of them was a Saitou x Sano!!!!!!!! And I was like O_________________________O and I was totally in love from that day forward!!!!!

3.For How Long Have You Been Into Yaoi: A while.

4.Truthfully, How Obsessed Do You Think You Are: Um, to the point where I slash Mario and Luigi as I play Mario Party on the N64.

-Second Set-

5.All Time Favorite Couple: Saitou x Sano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.Five Top Favorite Couples After Your All Time Favorite: (guessing)
(1) Aoshi x Soujirou
(2) Saitou x Kenshin
(3) Schuldig x Farfarello
(4) Chou x Kamatari
(5) Heero x Duo

7.What Yaoi Couple Do You Hate Above All: Sano x Kenshin……. I don’t really hate it, so that’s the best answer I can give

8.Five Top Most Hated Couples After Your All Time Most Hated: None.

9.What Five Yaoi Couples Do You Wish There Was More Fanfiction/Art About: Honestly, anything.

10. What Five Yaoi Couples Do You Wish There Was Less Fanfiction/Art About: I couldn’t care less.

11.What Five Yaoi Couples Have You Written About: (there are a couple more, though)
(1) Saitou x Sano (many times)
(2) Saitou x Kenshin
(3) Aoshi x Kenshin
(4) Aoshi x Sano
(5) Aoshi x Soujirou

NO MAS QUIZ!!!!!!!! I am off to edit Wildcat