I hate it when I have a couple of days in a row when I just don’t feel like writing. It hurts me in my mind. It would be easier if I could be on my own computer, but 1) that is still on the floor (shimatta, I need to stop being so lazy and go get my stupid table!!!) so it desperately hurts my back to type at it; and 2) it has no internet connection yet and I like to be online while I’m typing.

Well, I’ll work on what I’ve got on this disk here, starting with Wildcat. Since I’m listening to RK eps on MP3, maybe that’ll work. I can’t decide how Saitou’s going to handle this sitch, though… *ponders* It’s kindof important, too, since it’s their first conversation. But I have a tricky set of people to work around, considering who wants to say what to whom in front of whom and look like what to whom and so on. “I thought you died.” I do so love Saitou-is-still-alive scenes (ROF-freaking-LOL, I originally typed ‘Saitou-is-still-alice’), although the ones involving Sano, specifically where he gets really mad at ‘jime-chan, are my favorites.

Somebody asked me if she could put a couple of my fics on her site, which is all in German. How cool is that? He Can Be Taught is my most popular fic, it seems. It’s the one I get the most respose from my site about, anyway, and the one people request for their sites. I like it a lot, too.

Oh, wow, this scene is turning into a staring contest. I hadn’t expected that, but, now that I think about it, it really is perfect. A great way for their initial meeting, actually, specifically for Misao to make a good first impression on him. But now he has to be mean to her. *loves Saitou* It looks like he’s going to be a bit more conceited in this story than I usually write him. Well, anyway, I just got a good deal of writing done. *dances* Chapter 2 is RD’d, and I should totally go to bed. The batteries just died in my MP3 player anyway… I need new ones!!! I’ll buy them at school tomorrow with the remainder of the money I borrowed from Greg on Friday. So yay that.

Soreja… oyasumi. But first, let’s see what kind of WK-bishi mood I’m in tonight with my two favorite online quizzes.

Why are you wasting your time here? You could be having sex with . . .

Which Weiß Kreuz guy could you be having sex with? @ @ Weiß Versa

Shimatta, Yohji again??? Oh, well, combine it with the next result and it’s OK, da ha ha ha ha…
schuldig x weiss
SchuxAnyPersonFromWeiss: YOU’RE ONE TWISTED
BASTARD. Enough said. I mean… come on! You
like the thought of Schulig raping a poor
innocent Weiss-er… I bet you get off on the
thought of Omi writhing beneath you! . . .
Okay, so a lot of people do. But still!

Your Weiss Kreuz Yaoi Pairing Is…
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