I sat down to write, but I keep getting bombarded with IM’s from former coworkers. There’s this one geeky, dysfunctional moron who thought he was in love with me for the longest time… fortunately for me, I only see him on the IM now (and when I go to give him CD’s with MP3’s and stuff, since we do a lot of file-sharing) And then there’s this other guy who thinks I’m ignoring him or have left the computer if I don’t respond to his inane comments within two seconds of his hitting the Enter key. *rolls eyes* So instead of attempting to write, for the moment, I will just read fanfiction. I can collect some Farfie-energy anyway, and that will be a good thing. Ngyee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee…. I found more Deena stories that I hadn’t read yet….. *grins manaically, glees* Yay on that one.

I have new pants! My sister and I were at Wal-Mart, and she bought me some new dress-pants! They’re khaki (sp?) and they’re sooo cute… I don’t really have any ties the right color to wear with them, but I’ll get some eventually. And they were only $13!! Right now I am wearing my shark tie, which has sharks on it!!! Sharks are so cool… once I went to the zoo in, um, some place in Washington, and they had giant sharks that were, like, eight feet long!!! And it was so cool!!! I pretend that the sharks on my tie are those sharks. Hmm, I want to go to that zoo again. *bounces* It was so cool!!!

Oh, look, it’s finally letting me get at some of those quizzes I’ve wanted to take for days. Let’s see what I am….

You’re Ayame – the snake.

Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?
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Dunno who s/he is, but s/he looks hot. And snakes are so kawaii!!!!

Ed is a 13 year old hacker.
You are *such* a pervert.

Which ‘Cowboy Bebop’ character would you sleep with [provided they were real]?
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I guess I’m a pedophile. *runs off to find Hotaru*

KUSO, the one I really want to take still isn’t showing up!!! Oh…. I get it…. it’s pyrochan’s quizzes that aren’t showing up……. *pouts*

You’re Squall/Zell!!!

You’re Stoic, and you’re hyper. Okay, so sometimes
that doesn’t mix, but in the end you balance
each other out perfectly. No one’s going to get
overly depressed or too enthusiastic in this

What Yaoi Final Fantasy 8 Couple are You?
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Yoji's eyes
You’re Yoji’s eyes. You stay the same color – deep
emerald green – in both the anime and the
manga. Deep and gentle, your eyes can be very
persuasive, and they often say things you’d
never say with your lips.

Which Weiss Guy’s Eyes are You?
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Manga Yohji is so kawaii!!

You are HatorixShigure. Another case of best friends, casual lovers. Shigure and Hatori share a brotherly bond. Sex is just a perk of their relationship, as trivial to them as having a cu
You’re HatorixShigure!

Which Lishy Land Fruits Basket Pairing Are You?
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I’m pretty sure this is the same thing I got last time I took this quiz.

And I’m not even going to bother putting my result from that Which WK Character Are You quiz, since I get Todou every time and I haven’t seen a single Gluhen ep yet so it means absolutely nothing to me!!! Demo, this one I love:
schuldig x weiss
SchuxAnyPersonFromWeiss: YOU’RE ONE TWISTED
BASTARD. Enough said. I mean… come on! You
like the thought of Schulig raping a poor
innocent Weiss-er… I bet you get off on the
thought of Omi writhing beneath you! . . .
Okay, so a lot of people do. But still!

Your Weiss Kreuz Yaoi Pairing Is…
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Now I will do this survey:

A – Age: 22
B – Band: System of a Down
C – Choice Of Meat: Pot roast
D – Dream Date: Camping in warm weather in lovely Rocky Mountains
E – Excites You: Lemons?
F – Favorite Food: Potatoes!!!
G – Greatest Gift: Feeling loved
H – Happiest Day Of Your Life: Dunno!
I – Internal conflicts: Lots
J – Jealous of: Watsuki-sama (he owns Saitou!)
K – Kool Aid: Stains the carpet
L – Love: Special people!
M – Most Valuable Thing You Own: Money-wise or sentimental?
N – Name: This Faery
O – Outfit: See above for description of uberkawaii outfit including new pants and shark tie
P – Pizza Topping: Pineapple, tomato, bacon
Q – Question I want to ask: Ours is not to reason why…
R – Roots: I’m a Poe by blood!!
S – Sport to watch: Hockey
T – TV show: Ew!
U – Unique habits: There’s no such thing as unique
V – View from the window: The blinds are in the way
W – Weather I Love: Anything pretty
X – X-Man I Would Date: Psylocke!!!
Y – Yesterday’s best meal: *tries to remember if she ate yesterday*
Z – Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Oi, oi…. I fear I’ll never get anything written until I go get my table. Tomorrow!! I must go get my table tomorrow!!!

Ne, Lydea-chan… you’ve got your latest entry locked, so if you read this: *hugs and gives donuts* I don’t know what to say, but donuts help.