Latest Site Update: I can’t remember when it was. I’m fairly sure it was Warriors Blue when that was finished, which would make it about the beginning of last month. I’ve written some stuff now, and I should be able to write more stuff soon, so sometime there will be another update!

*falls over and dies 12 times* Everybody kiwkli run!! is the greatest website online! I haven’t laughed so hard in my entire life. I may just have developed a new addiction *glomps Strong Bad* The population of Strong Badia is tire. “It all started when I decided to drink 32 glasses of Melonaide…” And the King of Town!!! *dies again*

I got a haircut!! I am a tori-atama again!!! *dances around* This faery is very pleased. Now I need to play with the color. I’m wearing my Spike shirt (CB Spike, I mean) in honor of this new (well, “returning favorite” is more like it) style.

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