Latest Site Update: I can’t remember when it was. I’m fairly sure it was Warriors Blue when that was finished, which would make it about the beginning of last month. I’ve written some stuff now, and I should be able to write more stuff soon, so sometime there will be another update!

It is SO FREAKING ANNOYING to come home from work and not be able to check my email. It’s frustrating beyond anything I can think of at the moment. Especially when I’m able to connect with Trillian and the MSN connection tells me I have email, but I can’t get at it because the stupid DSL is not available after midnight!!! I HATE MY MOTHER!!!!!

In other news, Chibi’ivil found his own voice recently. Everyone laughs when he says “Wow,” because it sounds so cute. And he says it a lot because he’s amazed rather easily. I get along with him way too well. He’s freaky and annoying sometimes, but really I love him.

I have discovered that I absolutely loathe English versions of songs that were originally in other languages. Eyes Like Yours, All the Things You Said, Spirit Dreams Inside, that terrible translation of Du Hast……… I just hate them all. Well, actually, Spirit Dreams Inside I can stand, though I prefer another dream, but the rest really really suck! And it makes me angry! I get angry about stupid stuff like that.

Speaking of getting angry, or of having once been angry and now being less angry, Greg and Joe broke up!! I’m so pleased, ’cause Joe was being such a jerk to him, and now Greg is so happy every time I talk to him!!!