Latest Site Update: A few new pictures on the Art page as of today (St. Patrick’s Day), and the slot for Who Shares the Blood of My Heart (not that that’s really any sort of update) on the Rkfics page.

Ngyee hee hee hee hee…. the Trogdor arcade game is so awesome. I only got to level 6 on my first try, though… gotta go back and play it again. I figure it has to end somewhere because eventually there would be too many thatched-roof cottages and they’d fill up the screen!

my cowboy bebop theme song is cats on mars

what’s your cowboy bebop theme song?
Well, that’s fairly accurate, but I wanted a cooler song. Like LIVE in Baghdad or Rain. But whatever.

*smacks Shiori again, just for good measure*

Man, I’ve got to get cracking on my new quiz! I’ve totally neglected it! I supposed that was because I had writer’s block, so now I should probably be able to finish it.

Well, the other night my sister got in a wreck and her car was totaled. Someone ran a red light and hit her as she was turning left at an intersection at about 2315 on Friday. Her neck was all swollen up and she’s been taking loads of potent pain-killers, but other than that she’s fine. And I helped her with her church class yesterday because she was kinda out of it and didn’t think she’d be able to handle the extremely energetic three-year-olds on her own; it was so much fun!

You’re a playful lesbian! Life is all fun and
games, right?

What Kind of Lesbian Are You?
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LOL…. what an odd quiz….

Last night I had a funny dream. I dreamed that we had gotten the fresh-baked cookies that we’re eventually going to get at our store, and I was assigned to make them. Only instead of baking them in the oven, we apparently made them on the grill, because that’s what I was doing. And my mad cookie-making skillz came out — that is, I proved that I can’t make a decent cookie to save my life — and I got yelled at by every authority figure in the store. So they decided to send me to the bank to pick something up instead. But they sent me to a bank that was clear across the city, and the only road that I knew of to get there was blocked because there was a huge Spiderman con in that part of town. And they wanted to charge me to get in even though I was just driving through to get to the bank. And the con looked so cool and I wanted to go to that instead of working, but obviously I couldn’t. So I went to a pay phone to call the store and ask if there was any other way to get to the bank. And everyone there at the con was ogling me because I was wearing a bikini (dunno why) and I had the change that I was using to make the call tucked into the back of the lower half (again, dunno why, but it must have made me look like a stripper), and all the old men were saying stupid pickup-lines and stuff. And I had a big piece of cake on a plate that I was carrying in my left hand, but no fork to eat it with. And that was my dream.

Well, and I had another dream that was totally RPG. It was so cool.

No mas journal hoy.