Latest Site Update: Three new chapters of Ojousama Hanayome!!! Yay that!!!

Well, it’s freakishly snowy out… but I got the day off from classes, so yay that! And I used that time to write those three chapters of OH. Now I’m trying to get the next part (at least, if not more) of Tsuki ni Kawatte, Aku Soku Zan written. I mean, it’s the same crappy-quality pseudo-humor style; I should be able to synch up with them both, right?

The only problem with trying to write anything is that I’m stuck on and I can’t get away, ’cause I love it so much. I love 20X6!! *dies laughing*

I had the coolest dream last night. Too long and complicated to tell about, though.

Uo-chan x Kyo
Arisa x Kyo

What fruits basket fanfiction pairing are you?
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*glees* To be honest, I’ve always loved the thought of this pairing!! She is such a babe. I think she and Hana should be together, though.