Latest Site Update: Still just the new banner ad for Aku Soku Zan(za).

*dies* I’m looking at yaoi doujinshi on ebay, and there are some that are being auctioned by some Japanese person. One of the comments s/he has about the dj is, “You will be satisfied sufficiently in the scene of Yaoi.” ROFLOL, I bet I would be! Well, ‘cept that it’s Sano x Kenshin; how dull.

Well, it’s looking like the big update will be happening tomorrow evening rather than tonight, because I’m just not going to be able to finish this CC chapter or my parody right now. My brain is fried. And my throat is sore, not that that has so much to do with it. But the update definitely will be tomorrow, no matter what. I’m really close to done now *grumbles* If I hadn’t been so sick all week, I would have been closer to done with more chapters. Stupid Spring Break.

I downloaded a yaoi anime clip, and it was pretty hot, but it was only thirty-six seconds long!!! It cut off just as it was starting to get good!!! *cries* You’d think, now that I have DSL, that I’d be able to download longer stuff faster, but I’ve actually been able to download less this way than before. I’m sure my evil mom has something to do with that, too. Firewalls or something.

Yay for co-authoring fics with peoples!!! *glees* But no mas journal.