Latest Site Update: Episode 9 of Tsuki ni Kawatte Aku Soku Zan.

I am so pleased. I am so beyond pleased. I am ecstatic. Now that I have figured out how to do my lj in a nice column so that I can use it with the layout I made, I am the happiest faery on the face of the planet!!!!! *glees wildly*

I am also pleased that I figured out the pairings for my innkeepers story. I am extremely pleased about this because once I got the pairings figured out, inspiration just poured in for the rest of it! Yay me!

So, in general, this faery is more pleased than she can adequately express at this moment. Because of this, she will probably make a more detailed entry later when she is thinking clearly, and at this moment go take a bath.

*glees some more* I just can’t stop looking at my beautiful lj!