Latest Site Update: Episode 9 of Tsuki ni Kawatte Aku Soku Zan.

All right, the Saturday lj update, version 2.0

I was planning on getting some writing done today… after my sister and I went to Denny’s, I was going to take a nap and then work on at least one of the challenges for FWA…. but when I got home my mom was looking at Strong Bad Emails, so I had to watch them over her shoulder until she was done, like, forever later. Now it’s a bit late to take a nap and get up again later, and I’m too tired to write anything coherent, so I will put off getting some work done until tomorrow.

So I’m doing what I always do when I’m too tired to do anything real — rereading fanfics. Most of the time (as is the case right now, Warriors Blue) they’re my own. Pathetic, ne? Eventually I will probably start playing Might and Magic and get so tired I’ll just go to bed.

Have I mentioned how pleased I am about my lj’s new look? *glees all over again*

My goodness, I desperately need to write the next chapter of Wildcat…. it’s been forever since I updated it! Although it’s been even longer for BFM. I need to do another Big Update, really, and hit all the stories I’ve been neglecting. Hopefully I will be inspired by something awesome soon. At least Aku Soku Zan(za) is progressing fairly well.

*licks knife*

. . .

You know, it’s a good thing this knife is so dull.

Lots of places sell lemonaide, and it’s so hard to find good lemonaide. Lemonaide has the word lemon in it for a reason, folks! It’s not called “sugaraide” or “wateraide,” for Nobuhiro’s sake! But I have some good stuff here from Jamba Juice. Pookster and I went there after Denny’s, even though in the past I haven’t been able to drink anything from there because of all my fruit allergies… but lemonaide I can handle — and theirs is sour!! It’s so nummy!!

You know, another thing I need to work on is another quiz. Too bad I haven’t really had a good idea for one lately. If anyone has a good suggestion, tell me! Maybe I’ll do a “Which RK yaoi pairing are you?” that will be a bit more all-inclusive than the one I took a few entries ago. I hate it when quizzes are so limited. I know that it requires a lot of questions for people to answer in order to have more results, but I think that people want more results. Hmm, OK, I think that will definitely be my next quiz, then… a more extensive RK yaoi pairing quiz. Still, I could use suggestions for more, ’cause I love making them.

OK, tomorrow I will work on the challenge(s) and some other stuff. I will be productive! Waffles will help! For now, I will continue to reread my own fanfiction (ah, Hiko moment — Warriors Blue is so awesome!) and Do Nothing.