Latest Site Update: Episode 9 of Tsuki ni Kawatte Aku Soku Zan. And the slot for Majime ni Ikite, which isn’t a real update.

So I meant to get a lot of stuff (read: writing) done today, but I ended up playing board games with my family through most of it. Ever played Imaginiff? Turns out all my family members think my name should be Xena.

I just cleaned out ‘shi-chan’s bowl (it’s really not a bowl, but it’s not big enough to call a tank), so I can see him clearly again *sweatdrops* He’s the messiest fish I’ve ever had. But his little plant broke! It’s almost floating — it would be floating, ‘cept there are a couple of the little rocks that got caught on it and are weighing it down. If I can’t figure out how to keep the thing rooted, I’ll have to take it out… and then he’ll have nowhere to meditate!!! That will be terrible!!!!

All right, I am prepared to make my confession. I’ve been trying not to admit it for the last couple of weeks (since I finally admitted it to myself at about that time), but I can’t hold back any longer. If anyone reading this is shocked beyond belief and no longer wants to associate with me, I will understand *trembles* My dire confession is this: I love Usui. I think he’s funny, coolly bizarre, and strangely attractive, and I just love him. And so… I have decided to make him my eighth anime husband *marries Usui* There. I’ve done it. Cards on the table. Now I fear nothing.

I am rereading Jinchuu because I am scared of writing ‘nishi-kun. Chibi’ivil asks, at this point, if I didn’t just get finished saying that I fear nothing. I reply that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and, yes, I am afraid of Enishi. Not remotely near how scared I was when I posted that first chapter of Crimson Coronation, but scared nonetheless. The problem is, I can’t handle the end — the Saitou part. Am I pathetic or what? *mocks self:* Oooh, he waaaalks awaaaaaay; how saaaad…….!!! Also I giggle uncontrollably at the balloon page. So I have problems getting through it. Obviously the Saitou parts and the Aoshi vs. Gein battle make up for it, but still…..

Aaaaaaaand I am suddenly the happiest faery in all existence. I mean, I am so happy it’s almost frightening… I’m afraid my computer will crash in the next moment or something because it’s just not logical to be this gleeful (*backs up files*) Why am I so happy, you ask? Well, you probably don’t actually ask that, but I’m going to tell you anyway because it will enhance the experience… I am so ecstatically happy because I am now the proud owner of all the Rurouni Kenshin music…. every last track…. I have it all. The opening and ending themes, the character songs, the series OST’s, the OAV OST’s, the director’s OST… all of it. I own eight of the actual CD’s, and the rest I downloaded… the next milestone in my life will come when I own all the physical CD’s as well. This is just so awesome I almost can’t believe it.

Now I will listen to RK musics and try to get some works done. And probably chat with people, if anyone is on. I hope they are. I am so pleased *glees*