Latest Site Update: Nothing. But I’m planning on doing some stuff tomorrow evening.

Well, today was pretty cool. I might be in a movie this summer. Ngyee. Also I have reached an important turning point in my meager visually artistic career. I came to realize a couple of weeks ago, after several years of painful trial-and-error, that my limited drawing abilities do not tend towards anime, but that in more realistic areas I’m not nearly so sucky. So I’ve officially scrapped my previous doujinshi project and have started another one — this one in a style that I think will allow me to draw the whole thing easily and well. This is pleasing to me; the initial sketches I did today turned out very well (for me), and I’m hopeful that the project will be a success.

Less pleasing is the other realization I came to just today, which is that the Schu-Farfie story I’ve been contemplating since my introduction to WK will probably never happen. Because obviously I just can’t get Schu right, no matter how hard I try. Farfie is ridiculously easy to write (I think; I may be deluding myself there too), but apparently I don’t understand Schu. So no matter how many really, really awesome ideas I have for this story, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write it. Which really sucks.

Do I have anything else to say? I don’t think so; anyway, I need to post this before my internet cuts out at 1. Have I mentioned that I hate my mother?